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Quality time at the outside by Symbolhero

Quality time at the outside


21 September 2015 at 00:37:59 MDT

Man I can`t believe I was able to finish this at last =_=

Originally this was a birthday gift for me to me and the people who appear in the pic. But since my time became more and more tough, I wasn`t able to finish it in time. And I wanted to re use it as a birthday gift for some of the people here who already got it not so long XD Late, but the intention is what counts of the most heheh.

This is a little gift for thrakos, shadowkeeper, varanis_ridari, and angry-raptor
In a time on chat we were talking about how could would´ve be if we could gather all of us to make a camp together. So I decided to make a pic of our characters spending some "camping" time together, cooking and eating while they´re talking about all kind of topics. ; ) Varanis must be talking about some of his adventures and some fun facts, probably ^ ^

Sorry if the background looks kinda... quick maded XD I wanted to finish this before proceeding with the commissions or I wouldn´t have this ready ^ ^º I hope you like the idea : )

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