The Locked Soul by Symbolhero

The Locked Soul


12 August 2015 at 23:26:04 MDT

Finally I got this ready! For those who don´t know. One of Orion´s mighty power consist in summoning hot burning chains underground as it´s showed in this old drawing of mine Well, these mighty powers supposed to be dormant inside each drakanian who casts magic artes with the Krestia (the vital energy around the world). As much Krestia they used to cast magic, some remainings are still kept inside their bodies without knowing it or feeling it, the more thime that krestia is dormant inside mixed by more amount gathered for each magic they cast, it evolve into a special power.

Unfortunately they cant cast that mighty power if they cant percieved that energy from inside. Unless an ultmate being, like the Grandes Maestros (the servants of the very God) bless a dragon which allows to see more and more deep inside their dormanted power.

Soooo, for the concept of the locked power, I decided to representate the dormant Krestia into that dragon capive by its own power. You can see Orion chained with black chains which it´s made of a very mass concentration of Fire Krestia, al losted in his mind and peaceful, waited to be awaken.

So yep, each dragon has a different representation of its locked soul depending of the element and the type of power. I hope you see this interesting ; )

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