2015 Commission Price Sheet -TOS- by SwirlySpotBean

2015 Commission Price Sheet -TOS-


16 August 2015 at 16:49:16 MDT

Before you commission me, please read the TOS/Following first:

  • I only open commissions via journals with a preset of how many number of slots that will be opened.-Check commissions status prior considering for commissions.-Payment method will be only via PayPal please send byinvoice in US dollars [USD]. My PayPal: thatsillyester[at]hotmail.com
  • Send personal message or notes with what type of commission you are considering in full detail of purchase.-I only work for those who pay full, upfront first. I don't take bit by bit payments.
  • I do work at a slow pace, please be aware of this and be patient.
  • I don't do deadlines!-Once the art piece is completed and if you are %100 satisfied, payments are final!
  • I don't hold slots; I might open for more if it's overfilled otherwise I have to state it.

What I will or usually draw:

-Clean, NSFW, Creepy, Gore, Anthro, Creatures, Morbid, Cute, All Animal/Creature Species, All Genders, All Orientations, Romantic Scenarios, Any theme just about. Game-like, Humans, Etc.

What I will not draw:

-Cub Porn, Rape, Scat, Water-sports, Vehicles, Pedophilia.

If you don't see or if curious on what I will draw/not draw you can ask me via Notes/Personal Message.



Bust: $5
Waist up: $7
Full: $10
+Additional Chars: $5

Line Art:

Bust: $10
Waist up: $15
Full: $25
+Additional Chars: $10

Flat Colors:

Bust: $12
Waist up: $17
Full: $27
+Additional Chars: $12

Full Detailed:

Bust: $15
Waist up: $20
Full: $30
+Additional Chars: $15

Reference Sheet:

Full:$25-$50 [The starting price is $25;The more complex the sheet/character is, price rises.]
+Additional - Clothing/Accessories: $5


Bust: $15
Waist up: $25


Headshot: $10


Cafe: $25
[Comes with the food/beverage
of your choice; Shirt colors can be changed.]

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Fan Icons: $10
[They are based off the characters.]

*Special-themed items change over time; I will announce them via Journals with the price set for them. Current themes are stated in pricing above.

If any questions or concerns contact me. :)

All Characters are reserve to their rightful owners.

Submission Information

Visual / Digital