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Hello Weasyls :D by SwiftWindSpirit

Maybe the trend of Weaslying will catch on.. Maybe it won't. I mean for Christ Sakes.. Everyone Tweets, blogs, skypes, and facecrooks so why not add Weasyling to the mix?


The real reason I wrote this journal was to let everyone who has been watching me or following me other places that I'm doing well. I've been really busy with getting a life and so doing my writing engagements hasn't been as often if at all. For that, I guess I can chalk it up to the fact getting a real life takes alot of mental energy and commitment to know it won't be easy but if one believes in themselves with their heart.. Anything is possible.

My life is taking a turn for the better and to each of you that should lead as an example to keep working at your goals. I'm going to finally be taking the driver test Monday morning so I can get a real license I can actually use to operate a car.. Yes, I've been getting driving lessons all  this time so I guess I'm as ready as I can be though my body has been through the complete gambit of anxiety, stomach issues, and lots of stress. This means everything to me because it will finally close years of frustrations of not getting to where I want to go or what I want to do.

So any work that I have been working on will have to take a back burner until at least the end of the week because I don't know how much mental energy this week will take out of me.. All I know is as a lion I'll do the best I can and thank those of you who have supported me through it. I've learned alot of lessons in the last two years that have really taught me to be a stronger lion and quite honestly a stronger human being.

So wish me the best and thank you so much for all of your support and your encouragement.  Your King is humbled! *Bows*


Hello Weasyls :D


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