Panic by SweettheSour



27 July 2018 at 18:23:26 MDT

My father recently had an Aortic Dissection, thankfully he survived and is now staying with us in our home until he fully recovers and is able to take care of himself again. A few days after his Emergency Room visit and emergency surgery, my wife cyiancefiction cyiancefiction asked me to paint how I felt as a means of helping provide some relief from the immense panic, worry, and stress I had been in because of his illness, especially since we lost his father due to an Aortic Aneurysm .

Please, keep up on your cardiac health. My dad only had chronic high blood pressure, I had seen him earlier that day and he was fine. There was no warning. I got a call at 11pm that he wanted to go to the E.R. and since I could get him there faster than an ambulance could arrive I headed out and took him. He got seen almost immediately and after a few tests they determined he needed emergency surgery. We were told by the cardiac surgeon that had he tried to wait a little longer to come in there was a good change it would have been too late.

So again, fans, followers, and those of you passing through, please, if possible try to keep up on your cardiac health. Not only for yourself, but for those who love you.

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