The golden kids. by Swanda

The golden kids.


12 October 2015 at 13:36:16 MDT

Woah would you look at that, something not Greg!
Oh dear Beatrice stop being so cute, I can't handle it ;A;

Croc lady now named Beatrice making friends with @glitchvilla​‘s cool guy Fitz.
Also starring @matthewfurvilla​ as the mayor; running around being ever busy making the best town ever.

Yep making parallels to Animal Crossing is a natural progression me thinks.


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    SHE IS JUST THE CUTEST and my goodness I love how you drew all of them ;u;

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      She really is ;A; and thank you!

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    Gosh I love this! She's just really adorable <3

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      Awe yeah, thank you!