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7 May 2014 at 16:12:10 MDT

So, this is a bit of a teaser or intro to my story "Sand". The whole thing is an exercise for myself designed as a kick in the butt to get me moving again. I'm currently debating about how I will set up updates, but there will definitely be more coming soon! I appreciate any input that folks may have, so don't be shy about leaving a comment. All concepts and characters are mine, except the thumbnail image, which was scavenged from google images.

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    Loooots of integral prose hard at work here. Very cool! I like how you emphasize visual details, all while keeping the target audience guessing time and time again continuously as to why the protagonist had arrived among the dunes to begin with, let alone how they'd even gotten there... lost and beyond themselves. Also while reading, I couldn't help but visualize the sand dunes near Fort Bragg, only more humid and scorching. ;3 Even this brief teaser shows incredible promise! Also, does the website itself incorporate the slanted watermarking feature, or did you apply that yourself via typing program, like Word or Works? I love the idea... may try that with my own writings! :D But I digress... staying on point, I'm very impressed in your literary approach. A firm grasp of substantial English vocabulary (THANK GOD lol XD) makes a big difference as well!

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      Thank you for reading and responding! This is my interpretation of the "go with the flow method". I'm honestly uncertain of where this will end up. When I set out a defined plot, I have a tendency to prematurely terminate said plot. The heavy employment of imagery will, hopefully, remain a constant, though several other senses will see use soon as well! The goal is to encourage the reader to place himself in the situation of the protagonist. I hope to be able to upload the next page or so within a day or two. I'm striving to create an environment that is entirely unique. I'm currently sidetracked designing the species that is being introduced shortly. Ideally, I'd commission a nice, quality reference for them to put in my "characters" section, but alas, I am broke! I'll shut up now before I write a full blown essay on the concept behind all this.

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      Also, I added the watermark myself. Forgot to answer that question!