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Kumlarin Reference by Svaros

Kumlarin Reference


The Kumlarin are a race of omnivorous sentient and sapient reptile-like bipeds that inhabit their home planet of Arazi. The average Kumlarin is approximately 80kg for males and 60 kg for females. The average height of males is around 190cm, with variances on average of 10cm. Females are approximately 180cm in height with the same variance. Muscle mass between the sexes is notably similar, with males and females displaying both dexterity and strength. Their biology is also quite durable and resilient to damage. The average lifespan is 80 years.

The species is notable for its adaptation to its desert/arid planet. Individuals can last several days before succumbing to hypohydration. Biologically, this was evolved to "chase the storms" that would come and go due to the somewhat erratic weather systems of the desert planet. In research, the Tolesians found that individuals could survive up to seven rises (approximately 7 standard days or 196 hours) without water consumption. The average water intake needed daily is about 1 Liter per day (for reference, humans need about 2 Liters, Tolesians need 1.5 Liters).

Additional notable biological features are the insect-like calcium carbonate shells that grow over the leathery flesh underneath. These provide protection against most naturally sharp objects and protection against various projectiles. The plate's different spikes also offer cooling and defensive protection in certain situations. Growth is similar to bones, with the tips of the plates growing with the individual until they mature. The color and shape of the flesh and plates vary from race to race.

There are three primary biological weapons possessed by the Kumlarin. The first weapon is, of course, their claws. Kumlarin claws are not designed for attack. Instead, they are adapted well to digging with their almost shovel-like ends, allowing them to search for water in harsh environments. Secon is their tail blade. This blade differs from race to race, though it is always around 15 centimeters long. Martial arts developed by the Kumlarin often take advantage of this natural weapon. Lastly, the Kumlarin can spit or grind poison into their victim. The venom's effects are that of a mild neurotoxin, causing temporary blindness and numbness. Research done by the Tolesian Commonwealth indicates this evolved to ward off predators and stun prey before ambushing before the invention of the spear. Effects on Tolesians are minimal due to incompatible biology. However, it is considered an extreme disrespect to have venom shot at you.

At the current time of Sand and Stars, the Kumlarin civilization is rebuilding after a meteorite impact that erupted a volcano. This caused geological and ecological disasters that the species is only recovering from. Still, the nature of the disaster did not kill the Kumlarin. Still, it triggered drastic societal changes. Bouts of extremism, authoritarianism and religious fervor gripped the surviving seven nations. The Tolesians think that they could right the planet with their technological know-how. The Kumlarin, for the most part, are suspicious of their new alien benefactors. The Kumlarin nations struggle to both court and stave off Tolesian influence.


Drawn by the ever awesome KoboldChromatic

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