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Transphobia 2: Hatred Boogaloo by SushiWolfArt

Transphobia 2: Hatred Boogaloo



So, while I was in a car ride with my mom I decided i would bring up what Step-Dad told me about a week ago. I said that it started out as a normal rant, and it suddenly turned into a transphobic rant. I stated his main point (MTF do better in female sports because biological testosterone) and was surprised to see that she also agreed. I know that my mom is much more mature and accepting, so I discussed how that statement is easily falsified, and that there are many points against it. Then she asked me this "Doesn't it all seem a bit to extreme? I get wanting to dress more feminine, masculine or ambiguous. But why remove genitalia? It seems a bit to far, and I don't really understand it." At that point I honestly was pretty much speechless, and couldn't really think of what to say. When I finally got to explain it, I did my best "Imagine being in a body you don't like. Everyone in society tells you that's what you are, but you feel more relatable to the other side. Transitioning is basically acting on it, to make yourself feel comfortable." Then we had to go to a doctors appointment, so we left it there. I'm sorry if I didn't explain it the best for her, I'm not good with analogies.