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Finding Myself (TW: Dysphoria) by SushiWolfArt

Finding Myself (TW: Dysphoria)


Art in the Second Panel is drawn by LucifersAiko
I recently had some self discovery and reflection. I realized that I’m a Non-Binary, and that dysphoria wasn’t just coming from self hatred about weight. Thank you to those who helped me discover myself, and pointed me in the right direction.

To those of you out there still suffering from not really knowing what you want, it’s ok. Your feelings are valid, and it is confusing. If family isn’t there to help, you’ve got the entire lgbtq community watching your back. You are valid, and always remember that you are loved?

Message to Aiko
Thank you so much for being my support through my self-discovery. Everything you told me really helped, and without that one piece I don’t think I would’ve realized. Thank our for basically being my sibling through this.

Message to Traa2
Thank you all so much for dealing with my eggy posts while I technically wasn’t really trans. I’m still figuring out what labels apply and whatnot, but thank you to Mavisfor all the kind comments you have in not just my posts, but in everyone’s posts still figuring stuff out, or encouraging those who need it.