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silvered by supersheps



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    oh you like pokemon? Me too!
    Also awesome drawing by the way!

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      yeah! Pokemon has basically been my life since I was very little, and it influences a lot of my design x)
      thank you!

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        Pokemon Doesn't influence me much anymore, but I Love it so much, Pokemon has been in my life since Gen 5 . I was about 11 when i played my first Pokemon game! Gen 5 is my favorite to this day, especially Black 2. However i have not played the the older Generations completely yet. Colress and Ghetsis are my favorite characters and i don't think that will ever change so gen 5 will remain my favorite! XD
        Do you plan to get moon or sun when it comes out ?

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          i've been playing since back when Pokemon Blue rolled around in the states, ahaa... but honestly gen 2 and 5 are my favorites!
          i'm definitely gonna pre-order either Sun or Moon when i can, but i'm also waiting for more information to be officially put out before i pick between the two!

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            oh wow that is a long time to be playing! I really need to work on finishing up the Gens XD

            I am always late to get the games so I won't play it until it comes out and i can get into the city. (I live in a small town with one gas station and one little store. Hard to by games here XD)

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    Ah, that Silver is rad. And that Honchkrow too is also rad. (and Silver and Honchkrow are both hella awesome anyway)