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Selling figurines! REMINDER by Sunny Way

Selling figurines! REMINDER

Sunny Way

We accept figurine commissions 20th of August!

Heeello guys!

I'm very happy that you like my figurines! As I know, some of you want to buy them! ;3

So. We decide to sell few figurines for my followers from all over the world!

We can make 2 big figurines and 2 busts. Fully painted like on the picture (or even better!).

Serenity - the figurine of a graceful kirin queen on the tree. Truly big and awesome! 23 cm (9 inch) in height.

Price - 300 EUR, shipment included.

More pictures and turnaround here:

Serenity bust - smaller, but still very detailed bust of the kirin queen. Looks absolutely amazing on any shelf! 18.5 cm (7 inch) in height.

Price - 150 EUR, shipment included.

More pictures and turnaround here:

We'll send the orders to you as soon as figurines are ready. Around 1,5-2 month after commissions are closed.

Shipping is free.

Payment via EasyStart (card by stripe).

All prices in EUR.

If you interested - PM me on email (!

I'll check if it is possible to deliver to you now. If it is, I'll tell you about payment!

Thanks a lot for your comments, likes, fav and watch! <3

Figurines by me Sunny Way & mrSoldat 





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