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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022! by Sunny Way


Sunny Way

Oh wey! New Year is already here! Right here!

Well ... promised a little about life-being. I think it will be short. My life is still not very eventful, some important points may be repeated)

For this year I:

  • I actively fight workaholism.
  • I almost learned how to relax and devote time to other interests other than drawing (it turns out so-so)
  • Began to walk more.
  • I caught burnout and creative crisis.
  • I went to rest in another city.
  • Got a lot of stress from defective Huion tablet
  • I got an incredible amount of joy and endorphins from buying a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 (and still getting it)
  • Became more open with a loved one.
  • Received less than needed important emotional things.
  • Has become very passive.
  • Has become less cheerful.
  • Very tired.
  • Became more withdrawn with all other people.
  • I don't communicate much.
  • I drag myself on with my incredible stamina and willpower.
  • Insanely grateful to Steven Saidon (mr.Soldat) for all his help and support.

Somehow .. A bit gloomy, huh? Yes .. This year has been difficult for me. And it feels bad with a couple of "but". However, having written all this out in a list, I am still happy that I do not stand still and move somewhere. I really hope that next year will bring me much more joy and happiness.

To you, my dears, I wish you not to lose heart, continue to wade through all the difficulties and be strong! You will surely handle everything! Make your wishes come true! Smile more often! Be kinder to the world!

Happy New Year! HURAAAAY !!!

Thanks a lot for your comments, likes, fav and watch! <3

Artwork by me Sunny Way
Characters belongs to Sunny Way & mrSoldat
Species & Equis Universe by mrSoldat

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    Happy new year!!