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The Sisters - Kelesta by Sunny Way

The Sisters - Kelesta

Sunny Way

The Sisters - Kelesta

The Eternal Lady Ruler.

With her sister Kelin, Kelesta has united four nations of equi and found The Commonwealth.

The Sisters rule for centuries, keeping unity and prosperity of their people. Kelesta usualy look after the Commonwealth's social and economical life.

She devotes her free time to making desserts and singing.

Kelesta and Kelin are the last of alacorna, glorious ancient nation of unicorns. They also a celestins, former alacorna super-soldiers and warlords. Celestin's mighty physiology gives them advanced physical and etherical abilities and provides long life.

PS. I decided to improve a bit this exclusive artwork for July. Looks much more better! All versions I'll add to art-pack for this month. Big thanks to Orphen-Sirius for critiques and idea how to make artwork better <3

Thanks a lot for your comments, likes, fav and watch! <3

Artwork by me Sunny Way
Characters belongs to mrSoldat
Species & Equis Universe by mrSoldat

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