Alexa reference |2| by Sunny Way

Alexa reference |2|

Sunny Way

19 October 2019 at 12:01:46 MDT

A long time ago, from time to time I draw anthro stuff... But.. Do you know, when I start learning how to draw anthro stuff? Sitting, learning anatomy, draw, draw and draw all the stuff? It was 2014. And I was really proud of this art! One of the first. This was my best anthro work in summer 2014.

Then I keep practice.. practice.. practice.. So in 2015 I have a big progress.

So. Why I told you about that? Cuz I want to show you new reference for this fox. One of my oldest character. Pretty simple, but still lovely. And I'm really happy to see my progress in art.

Artwork by me  Sunny Way
Characters belongs to  Sunny Way

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