hello! i am royal c:

please excuse my mess, i am very new to navigating this site

i will make a proper profile later, but for now:

  • i love sunflower! so very pretty and yellow ahh
  • i am bad at people but i love to talk, please feel free to leave me messages!
  • im very rusty with my art, as ive only recently returned to trying it out with any seriousness
  • i use mspaint and a mouse! i used to make use of a tablet and pen, but my health is poor and a tablet is too heavy for me now, so i make do!
  • i primarily play on subeta petsite, im on baelgun and wra us in world of warcraft, and im very into pokemon! tell me about your favourite pokemon please!
  • i am attempting commissions! mostly i am currently doing subeta for sP/CSC, or wow for gold or subscription monthly tokens, but i will also take other commissions outside of these games on a case by case basis (again i am very new, and im not sure how to price things so that is my only hesitation atm)
  • feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
  • thank you for visiting!

current status: offline for sleep