Oh hai derr! by SuburbanFox (critique requested)

Oh hai derr! (critique requested)


2 January 2015 at 06:13:33 MST

taikoshep taikoshep at MWFF 2014

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    Judging by the grain I'm guessing you're using a Canon DSLR?

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      Good guess. Yep. Canon EOS 7D.

      1/50sec f2.8 ISO6400, pushing the thing to its limits. Flash was ruining the effect, so it stayed in the room most of the con.

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        Ah noice. Yeah speedlites are a killer, though you can get some really neat softboxes for them which are worth a look!

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          I've got a Calumet diffuser which improved it a little, but not enough for me to really want to use it at MFF. Sadly it was the only one I could find at my local camera shop :(
          The flash modifiers seem to be a very subjective thing - I've read roughly equal numbers of positive and negative reviews for all of them (even the hyped Gary Fong ones).

          I don't really like the idea of spending a ton of money on a load of flash diffusers and still not find one I like... at least with lenses you can settle on the DXO reviews and MTF charts and reduce it down to "this one is sharper than that one, and lets more light in than that one"!