Day's Eye by Styx

Day's Eye


2 November 2016 at 21:37:51 MDT

9x12″ Mixed Media

Portrait of Daisy Duke for Pawsitively Pom Rescue. I donated the original to the rescue as thanks for all the hard work they do for Pomeranians. I wanted to have a few different representatives of the aster or sunflower family (Asteraceae / Compositae). I selected Glebionis coronaria / Chrysanthemum coronarium (garland chrysanthemum, edible chrysanthemum), Leucanthemum vulgare (ox-eye daisy, oxeye daisy), Argyranthemum frutescens (Paris daisy, marguerite daisy), Bellis perennis (common daisy, lawn daisy, English daisy), and Osteospermum of different cultivars. Daisy's wings are based off an Inca dove (Columbina inca).

To learn more about their rescue visit: