Ame no Yoru by Styx

Ame no Yoru


8 May 2016 at 20:41:34 MDT

On a rainy night Tanuki carries a tokkuri to acquire some sake.

Tanuki is the name of one of our Pomeranians, and since I have a serious thing for word play, I decided to do a piece involving our Pomeranian Tanuki and tanuki lore in Japan.

I am having a sale through the month of May on work featuring this theme. See my Facebook Page for details and message me with any questions:
Medium: Watercolor, origami paper, linen paper, gouache
© Parker (Styx) 2016


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    I LOVE your use of origami paper for fabric! That's genius and it looks great! Plus I love your watercolor technique here as well :3

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      Thanks! I was really pleased with the effect also.