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Dirty little secret by StripesZB

Dirty little secret


I closed the door with a hip-bump, trotting in the entrance and nodding at Dra while turning into the kitchen and setting the bag of groceries on the counter, sticking my muzzle in it to make sure I hadn't bought anything frozen that needed to be put away immediately. In the background, I heard the dragon quickly typing away at his keyboard. I was rarely seeing Dra doing anything else than torture that poor keyboard. He did work out, with a lot of incentive on my part, and he could keep himself in decent enough shape that I could let him do what he wanted the rest of the time.

"Starcraft?" I ventured, swaying my tail lightly as he started unpacking the bag, pushing items into a "fridge" pile and a "pantry" pile.

"Nopes" He replied, as I sent a jar of jam slide into the left pile.

"dOTa?" I tried again, adding a little giggle to it as I arched my back a little over the counter. I couldn't tell if he was looking at me or not, but I liked acting a little girlier and sexier around the handsome blue dragon I was rooming with.

"Nnnnopes" He replied with a little hum, a sign he had caught a glance of my rump as I was rocking the cute summer jean shorts. I neatly folded the paper bag into a shape that would be easily put in the recycling bag, starting to stack the different items in the fridge first. Chicken, jam, onions, puddings. I smirked, still listening to him type away.

"MLP fanfiction. Writing, not editing."

"Aww, zebby, come on, I do other things more often than that." I grinned, closing the fridge door and moving to the pantry next. "I'm right, ain't I?" I could see him blushing a little bit on the side of his monitor, and I was pretty sure I had nailed it. After packing yup the rest of the food, I leaned over his double screens, letting my bangs flip on either side of my face. "So... Has Rainbow Dash finally realized that Fluttershy is her one true love?" I mocked, rolling my narrow shoulders softly, knowing that Dra really liked my effeminate attributes. The long hair, the slim body, the nice, round, grippable hips... So I made sure to keep them on display for him.

He rolled his eyes and returned his attention to his story. I had never read his stuff because of my lack of interest for MLP, and firm knowledge fanfiction shouldn't be written by anyone older than 16-years-old. I had passed my own phase a long time ago (Pokemon, thanks for asking). I wasn't going to let the blue-scaled dragon ignore me though, I moved around his desk and gently pressed him back into his chair, comfortably straddling his lap. He expected it and gave no resistance whatsoever. I lazily flipped my tail over his knees, feeling his already bulging package pressing against my ass as my muzzle reached his and he returned my kiss, his paws curling around my thighs as I leaned into him, our tongues delicately touching, his paws slipping below my green shirt and over my slender back, making me shiver in his embrace. I arched myself lightly, perking my rear. As his paws were about to strip my shirt off, I gently nudged myself out of his lap, revealing we were both supporting healthy half bulges by now. "Save your work and join me in my bedroom, ok?"

Let's get one thing out of the way. Yes, Dra is straight-ish and has a girlfriend. She knows about this and even though she's not 100% cool with it, she lets it slide because she prefers this to him cheating with other boys (or girls) she has no intel on. Her and I are friends, their relationship is fairly open, and she, reasonably, decided I was the best option.

I had stripped down to my boxers and laid on the bed when the dragon joined me, laying by my side, giving my package a squeeze and kissing my neck as I stretched out gently, caressing the back of his head as he moved his muzzle to my hardening pink nipples, making me huff gently as he slipped his wet tongue over them. He had started stroking me through my underwear, something I found unvariably hot. "Rrrhh", he went, and I could feel him smirking against my skin, amazed as always at himself for doing this with another guy, and liking it so much. After a few whispers from me, he straddled my chest, took the shirt off his nicely defined chest as I opened his pants and worked his thick grey-ish cock in the open, stroking him near my muzzle. He looked down at me as I started sucking on him, his paw behind him, pulling my own hard black meat out. I bobbed my head over his throbbing erection as he pawwed me, my fingers curling over his rear inside his own pants, pulling them down as much as his spreaded thighs would allow him. After a few minutes, I pulled off, letting my head flop back as I stroked his wet cock with both paws. "Let me ride you"

He laid on his back after we both got rid of the last clothing items we had, I straddled him once more, guiding his cockhead below my tail, slowly sitting down on him with practiced ease, hearing him groan as his shaft pushed in my striped rear. I controlled the speed, nice and slow, giving myself a chance to adapt, until I was sitting down with his whole length in me. His paw was quick to wrap around my own turgid hardon, pumping me as I started riding him up and down.

We did this about twice a week, give or take. We were the only ones living here, so it made it easier. I usually initiated it, though he had sex-cornered me a few times, jacked up on whatever porn he had been checking, or (maybe) simply on my awesome body and charm. I mostly bottomed, but he certain wasn't a virgin anymore, in either end. I had been pretty damn happy when he had first shown signs of versatility. I may be a twink, but I'm also a horse, and we need to get off too! And get off he did get me, all over his chest as I kept bouncing over his cock, arching my back as I emptied my nuts over him while he milked me with a sigh of delight. He released my sticky cock and focused on thrusting his hard cock hard and deep in my ass next, holding my thighs as I tried to keep up with his rhythm. With a heartfelt moan, he reached his climax and pumped my ass full of cum with a few more sharp thrusts, until we were both still, me sitting on his slowly softening cock. We stayed in place, regaining out breaths, until the slimy member slipped out of my stretched hole by itself, which we greeted with a common groan.

Dra offered to help me clean up in the shower, but I sent him back to his computer with a kiss on the cheek, preferring to keep the busywork of after-sex cleaning to myself. While I stood in the hot shower, I imagined that Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy would likely be fucking in tonight's story. Rule 34, man.

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