Dragon Adoptable! Oh deer. (TAKEN) by sterlingy

Dragon Adoptable! Oh deer. (TAKEN)


26 October 2018 at 06:38:39 MDT

Here's a dragon adopt for 50 USD, first come first serve. Please read the info below!

  • T A K E N

What you get:

  • You will receive a larger watermark free version of the the design in png format.
  • Right to use the design for non-commercial purposes.
  • You may name, gender, dress, decorate and develop the character as you wish, it is your character upon purchase!

(I am not looking to make edits on this character. I can do some minor adjustments, but otherwise what you see is what you get.)

Do not:

  • Use for commercial purposes
  • Claim art made by me as your own (please credit me when using my art!)
  • Resell for more than what you bought it for (50 USD) (please make sure to inform the purchaser of these rules and credit me so they know the original source).

How to buy:

  • It's first come first serve.
  • Payment through Paypal only.
  • To reserve and purchase, please message me at miahartcommissions [at] gmail
  • Title with 'Dragon Character Design Purchase'. If it's still available, I will okay the purchase and request your paypal info.
  • I will send you an invoice and when I receive payment, I will joyfully email you the larger image file. NOTE: When paypal prompts for your physical shipping address upon payment, select no shipping/address required!

Submission Information

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