Egg 12: Chameleon by starvinartmajor

Egg 12: Chameleon


19 May 2016 at 06:01:57 MDT

Egg adopt for   newguy12354


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    How freaking often does one see a CHAMELEON in the furry fandom?! (Not counting Rango. XP)
    This is incredible. So totally awesome! I am very fond of your species diversity. This Easter Egg Raffle thing has really presented a fun and unique way to allow you a chance to expand your artistic horizons and go all out with a myriad of various characters. Fascinating. <3

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      I've never seen one in my 3 years of drawing stuff. Never drawn one either, so this was a pretty big challenge for me XD

      And I agree, I really loved how this turned out, and I absolutely adore my Easter Egg Hunt! It's one event that I look forward to every year. It's amazing what some of the people who pick the eggs up can think of. Like... This guy for instance! XD