En Guarde! by starvinartmajor

En Guarde!


21 February 2016 at 02:23:38 MST

You know... I intended for this to be a sexy boudour style pin up pose. I wanted to do sins. But the sins wouldn't happen XD. Then again Undyne isn't really the sort of lady that would do that sort of thing unless Alphys wanted it.

There's a few things I like about this piece, and more than a few things I don't like. But hey, Ya'll wanted fish wife, you get fish wife. Ya'll didn't even ask for sexy fish wife? TOO BAD :P

Mature for fish nips.


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    "Mature for fish nips."
    This may be the greatest thing I've read in a good long while. XD

    Undyne was also a freaking cool character... albeit a real difficult battle to engage in. >8)

    I really love how you handled the lighting in this piece, especially from the soft esoteric glow of her harpoon-staff. ;3
    May I ask what you find unlikable about this pic? Suggesting such a thing to be asked isn't too personal, at least...

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      Dem sweet sweet fish nips :3 Someday fish tiddy. But for now, only fish nips XD

      Oh man... Undyne... I have such a love for her. And her and Alphys.... omg so cute. Best otp! I absolutely love the Undyne fight during a Geno run... Like... I cried. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried like a bubble blowin baby. She showed such heart... Ah well. Wouldn't be a true Genocide run if they just gave up through the fight after all...

      And thank you so much! I really love the lighting effects I did in this piece. The glowing bits are the best bits :3 And as far as unlikable parts of this piece.... The feet. The feet are horrible. I drew this with no foot reference, and it definitely shows, compared to some of the other pieces I've done. Also the angle of her neck is weird, and the shirt isn't nearly ripped enough, now that I look at it. But the pieces that are good, are pretty damned good. Like fish nips.

      I see a lot that I need to improve in, and with every piece of art, I move forward and learn from my mistakes XD I'll come back to Undyne and do another piece that is truely worthy of her greatness.

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        That's a wonderful testament to ensuring your creative drive never falters! We as artists (you with drawing, me with writing, etc.) must always look at honing our craft as a method of intense trial & error - sometimes, even if a picture looks horrible or if a story is poorly written, there will always always be others who insist otherwise! Its a crazy thing how that works, but it does, and quite often.
        "We are our own worst critics."

        I'm sure there's quite a few tutorials available out there that you can put to good use... I've seen a few higher-end artists post reasonably ideal foot-drawing guides on FA, could give that a shot. Just search "Feet (or 'Foot') Tutorial" and see what comes up. :3

        Yes, both Undyne and Alphys are totally an adorable pair. <3 <3 I too recall having felt overwhelming emotions during that battle's ending (genocide run, mmmhmm); almost made me weep in front of a bunch of hippies while chilling on my laptop in the middle of our local co-op store's cafe lobby. X) IT'S THAT POWERFUL, I SAY!

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          Oh for sure! and it's always nice to be able to post up artwork to both get that boost of "Hey that's not as bad as I thought" and to get some constructive criticism on how to make it better in the future. I had an issue posting up anything that was sub par when I first started, but now... Now I upload a lot more than I would have, just to get that input. And oh my goodness "we are our own worst critics". Truer words have never been spoken.

          And definitely, there are so many tutorials online on feet and hands, and everything like that. It's not like I couldn't find any. There's so many out there. I just was like "Oh look at this thing, I can totally draw this thing, I don't need no stinkin reference" Aaaaand then this happened XD That'll teach me! Plus, with Undyne, she's got Plantigrade feet. And ick. ICK I SAY!!!! So tricksy to draw. >> << >>

          So powerful. So many tears. I wouldn't have been able to hold back my tears. The hippies would have laughed at me. But man... geno run... I thought that the pacifist playthrough was tough, and gave me feels. Taking all those feels and love for the characters, and then watching them all systematically get slaughtered...

          1. Lie down
          2. Try not to cry
          3. Cry A LOT!