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i love you {short story} by starkiller

i love you {short story}


I am a very er noob-ish writer, forgive me. I just love my characters. :>Sorry for the terrible anatomy! I have never drew anything like this before.

We where heading out to our favorite hunting spot in western Texas, it was quite filled with deer, turkeys and many other animals. Not much others came out to this area, we would camp here and hang out.
“Look out!” Ana shouted, a herd of deer had ran across the road. We had caught a glimpse of an unusual deer, piebald it looked like. Ana and I swerved to the side of the old country road, by now the deer where long gone. “Did you see that one doe?” Ana had said with excitement. “Yeah, I think it was a piebald.” I had said quietly hoping the deer would come back. We had our camping gear in the back of the four-wheeler, we had decided we would camp here hoping the deer would come back. There was a small creek near there, so deer would come near it and they can shoot the deer. With Ana’s sniper expertise she would be great at silent hunting in the bushes and trees. We had gotten out of the four wheeler and headed over to the creek with all of our stuff. There was no deer around, but then again it was pretty early in the morning and dew was in the grass and trees. We got all set up and went to go swim in the water. I hadn’t liked water, but Ana loved it, she jumped in and splashed me. “Please don’t do that.” I had said as polite I could be. “Come on, don’t be like that.” Ana had said mocking my accent. She had walked up out of the water soaking wet, wearing her sweatshirt and jeans like normal. She came up behind me and shoved me down into the water, cold, I fell on my rear end and she jumped in and came up gently laughing. “ugh” I had said with my pants being wet, she held my head closely and gently kissed. I really loved her, despite the original situation. I put my arm around her head to return the favor and kissed her as well. “I love you.” we had said, forgetting our original plan to come here.

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