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iZafat Reference by Starfoth

iZafat Reference


• iZafat - iZafat is a public tech company created by the founders of Union City that is owned by the nation of Valeria. While it was initially exclusively owned by Union City as a means of supporting the city and being the foundation of its industry, it has since become owned by Valeria with portions of the company owned by the nation as well as it expanded beyond Valeria’s borders to the other nations of the Empire of New Hope. iZafat quickly rose to prominence as it modernized the myriad of outdated computer systems that were continuously purposefully kept in obsolescence and overpriced by a variety of dubious public and private computer companies throughout the empire. iZafat’s electronics formed the backbone of Union City’s wealth and eventually stabilized Valeria’s finances following the massive refugee crisis.

iZafat technologies use a pallet of dark grey, bluish dark grey, and unsaturated deep red (Or simply "red and dark grey") with the UI itself being dark-themed using whitish blue font. The electronics themselves are usually a rounded blocky minimalist style. They're not particularly thin but not bulky, either. All electronics have a decent weight to them. iZafat uses a lot of LED backlighting, particularly on its keyboards and light up "iZafat" logo.
Segoe UI (and its numerous offshoots) are the go-to font for iZafat electronics.
When drawing an iZafat electronic and the style seems to make the electronic look weird, try a different design until it looks feasible but still on-point. Remember that it is a company so not everything needs to be 100% on-model, just match the relative theme.
Avoid unnecessary bulk or thinness on the electronics. iZafat electronics do not take up unnecessary space but the electronics themselves are user-service friendly so they are not squashed like apple products

iZafat is state-owned and does seek profit for the citizens of Valeria that de facto own it by extension of the democratic Valerian government, but does not conduct business practices like planned obsolescence because this produces negative externalities that are felt by the citizens at large and the nation itself. iZafat's employees and the nation of Valeria do need and desire payment for their work and need money to pay for post-refugee crisis expenses so reasonable levels of profiteering is understandable and expected. Many of iZafat's electronics are built with externalities in mind and are therefore built to last as minimally long as they would otherwise become naturally obsolete.

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