GIFT - Princess Socute Tani (by Bunnymama) by STani

GIFT - Princess Socute Tani (by Bunnymama)


14 November 2017 at 10:26:42 MST

CLICK HERE for the original by the awesome bunnymama. Go give her your faves, watches and comments!

Commissioned by tnargraef. See his upload HERE. Thank you so much, my wonderful Nehm! <3

Such a lovely gift I got from my awesome buddy  tnargraef, made by  bunnymama , a bust of my Shakyn alien and goddess of corruption, Tani!

I really love what  bunnymama did with her, bring hir cuteness, friendliness and loveliness while still keeping hir face and morphology spot-on. Yep, shi looks evil and hir corruption, while very beneficial to those who wish to embrace it, tends to cause a lot of damage in the neighborhood, from city to universe levels and beyond... but would you say no to such a pretty face? <3

art ©  bunnymama
Tani © STani STani