Happy New Year 2014 Sketch by StangWolf

Happy New Year 2014 Sketch


31 December 2013 at 23:02:54 MST

Happy New Year everyone!

It's finally 2014 here in Texas! I know most of the world is ahead of us here in the Central Time Zone, but there's still a few folks behind us!

I hope where ever you are you're having fun celebrating and perhaps have someone, or some someone's to celebrate the dawning of a new year with!

Tala and Nash are having a grand ol' time celebrating the Texas A&M Win at the Chik-fil-A bowl and bringin in the New Year! All bundled up and warm together.

No, Tala isn't getting her drink on for real, Nash just had a "Here, hold by beer." moment. Naturally. He couldn't scoop her up for a midnight kiss with one paw full after all.

Had a great time creating this and I haven't worked on anything of my own in a while so this was definitely refreshing!Totally happy with their outfits and oddly enough...their hands! The posing too.

Granted, drawing them kissing was a bit of a trick and I'm not quite sure I pulled that one off, but I still like how it turned out!

Enjoy my wonky letters too....lol

Also, for those that may be curious, Nash's hoodie has the Horde symbol, from Word of Warcraft, on it.

Gonna try and get this inked and colored later after I finish commissions.


Art & Characters © StangWolf

Ford Oval © Ford Motor Company

Horde Symbol © Blizzard Entertainment

Please do not redistribute, alter, reference, trace, or use my art in any fashion without my permission. Thank you! ~StangWolf

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