Transatlantic Toes (Alt Version) by Stampy

Transatlantic Toes (Alt Version)


21 February 2015 at 18:28:08 MST

Please note this is an alternate version of

"Ooh! Oop, it happened again. I've gotten half my paw wet! It really is getting harder by the day to find dry spots on planets to set all my toes down. Not that I'm not ever-so-thankful for the boon I've been given that protects everyone around me when I'm near, of course! But all these little planets and moons just keep on shrinking further and further. Even a few months back, I could easily stand both paws on a continent or two... But today, even this cute world needs at least two continents to hold me up! It probably won't even be a couple months more before I'd need to balance on a single toe to rest on it...

"Hm. Maybe I should practice, then? Get used to balancing on one toe as big as the planet it's stood on? Or perhaps just give up on fitting on little planets anymore and stick to the huge ones... Oh, but those are so rare! Even most of the bigger ones are having trouble fitting me as I grow. Still, I'm sure I'll figure something out! For now, I can still rest my cute little toes and petite teensy claws on a few extra landmasses, and all is well! It's sort of soothing to feel the differences in temperature between the cool poles and toasty equator, after all! I just really do wish I could figure out how to dodge those splish-splashy little seas!"

Writeup by VDOPlus

One thing that did come out of this picture was a number of alt versions - A large number of alt versions, ranging from silly to extra silly all the way up to VDO-silly. This here is one such of the alternate versions showing Jean hanging out with a few friends!

Interestingly Erika and August there are at their normal heights, showing just how big Jean really is! Kiya, Pamela Izzy and a tiny Elizabeth are along for the ride too.

Be sure to stick around and watch VDOPlus's account for when he starts to post as I suspect he'll share one or two of the other versions when he gets around to posting.

Please note this is an alternate version of