Hit the Paws Button by Stampy

Hit the Paws Button


3 March 2014 at 17:20:41 MST

Final level, boss fight! Will she be able to complete the game?! I.. think everyone around her had better hope so. Being a tiny around a Yumi who just lost at a game sounds like a dangerous past time.

Fun picture for   tyrix, of his Umbreon girl Yumi, and a an entire bucket full of micros and shrunken folk.

And there really is a bunch of them, so hopefully I won't mess up this list!

John Smith(willing_prey94) - Left of the cartridge
Deis (makaze) - Yumi's Right Paw, between toes.
true_neutral - Sat on the Snes controller wire
diego-kawasaka - On the table to the right behind Yumi.
the_tao_swordsman - On the floor near the phone.
lobo-branco - On the floor near the phone.
illogical - On the floor bottom left, near Snes.
Vapour (stampy) - In the drink.
desmondfallout - Near the drink sat on the other snes cartidges.
artie - Sandwhiched between paws. Because artie.
North (spykr) - Under her shoe.
Destorarc Flying infront of the tail
Trowelhands - Caught under her right paw.
Skunkhase - Caught Between toes, her left paw.
StriderShire - Caught Between toes, her left paw.
Princess-Sharp - On her knee
buckywhitetale13 -Right of the cartridge
Jinxy_Falina - Hanging from Yumi's claw.
Fideel On top of her right paw.
falloutknight38 - Behind the wire between the paws.
Mawie - Caught up in laces.
VulpesPawpad - between her paws with hands against them.

So Many micros! And I apologise if yours wasn't one of the many picked. remember, there's always the Victims thread! There'll be plenty more chances. http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4940628/

It was a really fun one to colour this one, lots of light from the TV screen, and the rest of the light from Yumi herself.

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