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Visiting the Primal World by Stampy

Visiting the Primal World


Fang panicked, as the ground shook violently. All of a sudden, she was miles and miles in the air. But what was this powerful predator? What was she doing?

Onyx looked on. That hair. That outfit. It was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen!

Tethys walked off, stepping over the mountainous landscape with absolute ease.

Tethys and Nubium frequently visit the worlds of my other characters, to try and gather an understanding of how each of them work. But in a macro-eat-macro world like Fang's, the only real way to really gain an understanding for it, is by being bigger than the macros that would call you lunch!

I posted a poll on Patreon and this is the second of two pictures that tied for victory on the poll, August being the other. I'm really delighted to see that folks have taken to Tethys and Nubium, and I look forward to drawing them more!