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The Great Laboratory Expedition by Stampy

The Great Laboratory Expedition


Why is Viridian shrinking everyone she can find down to miniature size? Who knows! But it seems like all the new-found micros are having none of it, and have all embarked on a grand adventure across her science table in search of the elusive "Growth Potion"!

....That is definitely Growth potion, right?

Occasionally an idea comes along that I just want to go a bit wild with, and this was one such idea. It was actually inspired by replaying Micro Machines V3 on the PlayStation 1, which remains one of my favourite games to this day. There's just something fun about every day objects set up as a track or an obstacle course for folks to attempt to traverse. And it must be said that a laboratory is a fun place for size shifting to occur, especially a lab as messy as Viridian's here!

Viridian, Trent, Oscar, Casey, Wick, Alterflane, Robyn, Jerek and Yasei all belong to Alterflane

Kthaarae belongs to B424

Alef belongs to AlefGP

Amnyst belongs to Eclipsis

Rocq belongs to VDO

Mawie, Vapour and Lucarina belong to myself.


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    Looks like Trent will be first to find out whether that potion does indeed cause growth or not; I'm sure the other folks in the "race" will be eagerly waiting to see whether they actually wish to resume heading to the end of the track once Trent's inside.

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      I'm sure it's fine! Viridian wouldn't be the type to deliberately mislabel things, i'm sure!

      ...Okay she might re-use a previously labelled thing, without cleaning it out. but that probably once maybe contained growth potion.

      Although if it is shrinking, the goal is clearly to shrink small enough to climb up and inside the pipe, go around the loop the loop and make it to the red potion! That one has to be growth right? Right?