A Big Adventure by Stampy

A Big Adventure


4 August 2015 at 16:23:05 MDT

Bonbon slammed her armor-clad hoof down with all the fury of a goddess behind it. "In the name of Celestia, I banish you, unholy abomination!" Light flashed under her hoof and a hissing screech answered her challenge, before being finally silence. She lifted the limb up, leaving a sizable crater behind in her wake, and glared around the dark forest.

Formless horrors shrank back into the shadows, still lurking but unwilling to challenge the giant mare any further.

Bonbon waited a moment longer, then sighed through her nose; that would do, for now. She turned around slowly, even her most careful movements causing minor tremors and deforming the ground with each step. "Well then, when where you planning on telling me you learned this spell?"

Down on the path, Lyra smirked up at her marefriend as her horn still glowed. "I only found the scroll with it yesterday, and we've had a bit of a busy day."

Bonbon gave a grunt of acquiescence, 'busy' would have been an understatement. Losing her hammer had just been the start of things; and this little ambush in the Everfree probably wouldn't be the end of it. "Fine, I suppose." A moment passed. "...you can cancel the spell any time, Lyra."

The unicorn never lost her smirk, nor her horn its glow. "Yes, I can."

Another moment came and went. "Well?"

"Well... I am rather curious about how this spell works; like, say, what would happen if I cast it again."

Bonbon felt her eye twitch; this was going to be a long NIGHT as well, it seemed.

Writeup by   nmr

This was a fun pony themed commission for NMR of a macro bonbon and Lyra. I haven't it in ages, but the style is still a lot of fun to emulate! It has to be said though, there's not much Little about these ponies though.

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