Lindworm by Srutis



3 July 2014 at 19:08:07 MDT

Okay so it ended a little shittier than I hoped. I ran out of funding 1/3 of the way through what I've done with this, literally the pen nibs were worn away completely.

So for my final major I wanted to illustrate my take on a Lindworm. For the past 2 years I had a lil pet project I've been working on and off of. It included a lindworm in it, and whilst writing it I've grown found of the character. But anyway didn't get to finish this and you can see where the quality dropped. But I hope to manage to create a A1 piece of this character sometime soon in the future. I quite like it's design, but I might further tweak it during my spear time. I'll post up a full body ref sometime soon.

Funny thing is it appears I might not get the grade I kinda need for my next course atm cause everything went to shit this week, I've been struggling to post my work up and all my units are scattered across 3 different sites. I'm now on my forth day over the deadline.

I might move this to scraps later. My mood keeps fluctuating with it.
Also, it is suppose to be submerged under water, it's just been put upright and I ran out of ink to line in some water etc.

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