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Sraco The Argonain World : Sorcerer Of Eastmarch by Sraco Argonian

Sraco The Argonain World : Sorcerer Of Eastmarch

Sraco Argonian

When sraco awaking up in the moring want to wish has hands and face then he fix has breakfast he is watching over a friends house name Ria a other Argonian and her husband is away for couple days he well return soon so after sraco had has breakfast want out side chopping wood for the fire inside so Ria and her husband won't have to do the work after they return home sraco spotted something in the ground wasnt there before last time he chop wood other day he grab it was a letter started to read it was from Ria she is in trouble needs help right away there bind some weird unknown killing in windhelm a person some sort come and gos there are spys around this becarefull sraco watch full eye . Sraco rush to get on has horse name shadow from there goting crazy and mystery takes unfolds intel Ria husband name bolley goting taking away from bandits sraco saved bolley told him about Ria in trouble want to windhelm sraco found out was some sort a sorcerer name Vernaccus ( you this have to see it for your self when we come along with sraco as he adventure and exploring to get this Sorcerer Of Eastmarch

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