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Sraco The Argonian World: Mystery Mountain Pass by Sraco Argonian

Sraco The Argonian World: Mystery Mountain Pass

Sraco Argonian

Right off the betten path sraco want to a location he hasn't bind to called Mystery Mountine Pass people get lost in it never return like the pass its alive makes the person lose its self gets trap so that why its nick name Mystery . Sraco awaking up have has breakfast and chat with has wife and kids then walk over to the char sit down started to read a book after a hour past nock on the door a couple quick nock then it stop sraco walk over open the door walk out side nobody there sraco wonder who was that and did not say any thing only the nocks on my door =/ then look over at the front door a note nailed sraco started to read it notice some one need some help people want missing never return nobody is not looking for them because a location spook them PLs Pls sraco help them sign Lisa . Sraco take action start to look for the missing people only one problem he does not know where there at needs some clues and maps he finely track down who might be beyond this found more clues at winterhold a book show where this pass is and the story came with it . Sraco found the Mystery Mountine Pass he cents why would some one taking theys poeple think think then some thing pope in has head HHHUUUMMM they made up this Location put the spook to others so they cant travel up this way there was a castle unknown sraco walk to it slowly a stone gargoley on one corner of the castle hhhum think think i was right Vampire only ones well have something like that on there castle . Watch what happened sraco make has way in the castle so enjoy the video and action and music make a comment

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