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warning: CLINGER by Spyn

warning: CLINGER


This is how good friends make me feel....inside. Probably over-the-top energetic and full of grabby, clingy, smiley, neurotic happy feelings aimed at whatever targets have left themselves open to said attention.

Last weekend crystacian and her bf hosted my visiting their home on the Peninsula of Washington and some of those expressive feelings came out on paper. Crysbutt was totally kind enough to add some vibrant colors to match the sketches vibe and here's the result!

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    This is adorababble! babbles at how cute it is

    Really lovely though, brings good feels and the good times I've had with good friends, which is a good reminder that life is too short to deal with crappy people.

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      Aw! I am touched that it could touch you too. ;3;
      And seriously- crappy people don't deserve any more time than it takes to realize that that's what they are.

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        agreed! One of my mates was being stalked by an old boyfriend, giving them the 'black hole' treatment is a way of showing them the door. Not even worth the time of day.

        The furpile/cuddle pile with good people or significant others, now that's where it's at. :}

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          What I wouldn't give for a realdeal cuddlepuddle. I actually act pretty standoff-ish in physical contact is usually super limited. ;w;

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            I used to be quite introverted myself. Imagining myself as a huge fluffy blanket helps break down the barriers. Once you get into the cuddling, nothing else matters really.

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              Do I ever hear that... being a part of something, be it cuddling, a tribe of friends, or otherwise being One with others has it's way of erasing what's not-so-important. <3