Skin Colour + Others Palette by Spudfuzz

Skin Colour + Others Palette


25 February 2014 at 11:53:37 MST

Some people mentioned they'd like to make more racially diverse characters on other communities I'm in but they don't know how to colour dark skin without it looking weird so I made this chart, each colour shaded and highlighted on it's own. And er, I threw in some other random colours for the hell of it. Just load it up into your program and use the eye dropper tool to select and paint. No credit needed of course, no one owns the rainbow. Though if you want to throw a link back it's always appreciated so more people can find and use it.

Notable comments from the DA submission:

Notable comments:

As pointed out, super dark colours (well, all of them really) can have a much higher gloss depending on the surface and lighting. This chart assumes a fairly normal light setting (daylight) so be mindful of that. "Yes ~bread-doh, keep in mind that darker skinned people's skin reflects quite a bit of light. So the highlight should be significantly lighter. Our palms and undersides of our feet are in the tan palette. Lots of people forget this."

I have made some mistakes in the chart in general, some shadows should be darker and some highlights should be lighter. In general though I'd prefer if people played around with it themselves to learn colours instead of me just fixing it for them. 

Tutorial link on how to use it if you're confused:

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