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Midnight Snack by SpooningFairy

Midnight Snack


13 March 2013 at 16:33:18 MDT

Not my first drawing ever; But LET THIS BE MY FIRST UPLOAD ON THIS HERE SITE.


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    This is really pretty! I like all of the different patterns, it gives the image (to me) a neat look evocative of a beloved rag doll; it's a little bit cute, and a little bit creepy.

    Other things that I really like: the fiery smoke (?) rising up from her cup, the tongue, the curve of her spindly legs, and the jagged angles of the stool.


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      Hey there! Im glad you enjoy it! Haha! I have not had someone look that far into it before! I hope it made your eyes oogle with ooozey goodness *O*