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RedditGifts Animal Crossing Exchange by Splash

RedditGifts Animal Crossing Exchange


5 March 2015 at 14:35:35 MST

Thought I'd give RedditGifts a try! Unfortunately my recipient never posted it online, so I can just hope she liked it. But I know she did receive it a few weeks ago so I'm gonna' post it online now!

I added filter things for fun. Hope it doesn't look too cheesy

My recipient said she had a tattoo of the AC leaf, loved her AC 3DSXL, and adored cute things so I took those as themes to play with. On the left is a small glass vase with the AC leaf etched around it (a little hard to see in the photos, but there's about four of 'em facing different directions) and on the right is a cross stitch + embroidery piece of the AC leaf with the AC 3DSXL pattern around it. This was my first time trying out embroidery stitching so I know there are mistakes but I'm pretty proud of the outcome!

I've signed up for another gift exchange but this time I'm going to be a rematch Santa! (I'm not going to be receiving a gift, only giving one to someone who didn't get a Santa)

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