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Wings of Nope by Spikeheila

Wings of Nope


This is a general picture on what dinosaur wings look like in feathered/winged dinosaurs.

This is not a matter of opinion, this is just how it actually is, using the great many specimens of feathered dinosaurs we have. For dinosaur and bird wings, the primaries ALWAYS attach to digit 2(the second finger)

The arm is actually a (non-jp) velociraptor's arm(second set of arms)

  • Rows as a whole-

Row 1.
The big thing with this entire row is that they have pronated hands.
Theropods could NOT move their hands down like that, they don't have thewristbones for twisting and turning and manipulation like we humans do.

Many artists reference off each other. Larger artists that use pronated/bunny hands don't know how to make it look like a wing ... because wings don't work like that, at all.

Pronation in hands to this extent, seems to be an artifact left over from when people still thought dinosaurs ran around like freaky lizard-kangaroos. Basically from very very early 90s and further back in time. It doesn't help that some franchises(like Jurassic Park) still do it with their dinosaurs.

Row 2.
The hands are facing the right way and are supinated! Great!.. but they share the same fate as the entirety of the first row as well

Rows 1 & 2-

Both rows share a poor attempt at trying to keep the dinosaur as a 'half lizard' monstrosity by keeping the hand unfeathered.

Row 3.

While this was made faster than the others and looks sloppier
This one is what feathered dinosaur wings look like.
The primaries (the cool pointy feathers) attatch to the second finger, the rest are on the arm.

Before you go and say 'well i cant do my own style with this! It's not much different than a regular bird's wing. This is shown in figure 2 using a different style the figure 1 of row 3


Column 1. This kind of feathering mostly cropped up after JP3's release. This is the worst kind of feathering for feathered theropods. It's literally just slapping a few feathers onto

Column 2
More feathers this time! It looks like the entire body may be feathered, which is great! Unfortunately, the dinosaur lacks primaries and feathered hands ,however.

For the second row,however,that arm is how Ornithomimosaurs ornithomimosaurs may have had their wings,although they may even have lacked primaries.

Column 3.
Getting closer to trying to have a real wing now.
This has cropped up much more with those in row 1, because the artists don't know how it's supposed to have a wing there if the palm's facing downward.. well the palm isn't supposed to be down, for one.

They don't know that primaries exist.

Column 4.
Known as 'Wrist-wings'
Oddly enough, this is usually how dinosaurs like Archeopteryx are shown, despite the earliest known sketches on the early papers of the animal having proper wings.

Wrist Wings occur when someone doesn't know that the primaries attach to the second finger in the animal, but they know they at least exist, but can't find the mechanism for how to make the wing look right. So they make their own! Here, the primaries attach to the wrist and can somehow swing foreward and backward to fold up like a normal bird's wing would, I guess using some form of black magic.

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