Commission Prices For 2018 by SpiderMilkshake

Commission Prices For 2018


27 December 2017 at 14:34:08 MST

^u^ Spooder's open for art-y business!

Here's the prices again, in the event the image is funked out! :D

Base price of $10.00 USD (includes a simple background and up to two characters). For more characters add $5.00 to the price and for a very detailed background add $5.00. Maximum price for these bebs will be $20.00!
I will accept points payments for sketch commissions.

Full Drawings:
Comes in two varieties--the Ink drawings with monochrome values or limited colors and full color drawings made with pencils. Inks start at $25.00 USD and Colored starts at $35.00 USD. Either detailed or simpler backgrounds makes no difference--but add $5.00 for more than two characters.

I work in watercolors and acrylics! Base price for paintings is $50.00 USD. Add $10.00 if you need one larger than 11x14 inches in size. Add $10.00 if you want more than two characters.

^w^ If you're interested in commissioning some artwork let me know via note! I can help by searching out some style and media examples in my work in case you know you want something but don't know what it is yet. :D

Best Subjects:
-Anthro Characters (esp. atypical species and Weres)
-Demi-humans and Humanoids
-Cute Stuff