The Incredible Cheesy Monster Serial--'Whoopsie' by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

The Incredible Cheesy Monster Serial--'Whoopsie' (critique requested)


15 July 2017 at 14:51:18 MDT

XD This sketch is gonna be a coverart for the "Incredible Cheesy Monster Serial" series I'm working on. And here--have a little segment of it!

Daen's line of sight was at the oddly crunchy ground before his feet.
"...Potato chips." He knelt. "They're potato chips."
"What flavor?" His assistant smirked
"It doesn't matter," Daen grumbled, standing and creeping forward into the sandy cavern. "What matters is they form a trail."
"Umm, shouldn't you take the flashlight first?"
"Fine," Daen hated being distracted when on the case, even if it was a case where something as ridiculous as following a trail of potato chip crumbs was crucial. He turned and grabbed at the heavy Mag-light Jen was passing to him. Her eyes bulged as he whipped back around to his task and gave a sharp yelp. His faint dark form seemed to flip forward before plunging down through the ground, out of view.
"Daen?" Jen groped forward much more cautiously, potato chips her guide. Her hand met a thick matted patch of soft but sticky something--she stopped and felt until she found the deep chasm her superior's weight had ripped in the silky stuff. "You okay down there?"
"Ahhhhhhhh... crap."
"Well, I dropped the flashlight." In the dark Jen could just make out a gray form standing out against the white webby strands. Some of it had stuck fast to his worn boots, tangling up his legs but also breaking his fall. He dangled above a deeper chamber of the caves, and as Jen strained she could hear a faint trickle of groundwater below them.
"--Which is why I bring a second flashlight," she said as she nipped the little plastic one out of her pocket. The thin, cheaply-made beam lit up the spiderweb enough for her to see it had once been patching over a little crack in the cavern floor. The stronger filaments (the ones holding up Daen) seemed okay to shimmy down, so that she did while making sure to give him an "I-told-you-so" look. "C'mon, stop wiggling around so I can unstick that stuff from you."
"Jen," Daen's eyes were like saucers, gritting his teeth as he whispered. "The big thing... look behind you."
Some little noises of crunching rocks, shifting gravels, further confirmed it. Jen and Daen shared a quiet moment of staring as her flashlight beam flickered over the hulking tarantula looking them over with a thoughtful look.
"Welp, that's different." The giant took a few scuttling steps closer, barely fitting through the narrow tunnel the two had fallen into. Daen secured his dangling hat with a nervous swallow. Jen's nerves manifested as a soft laugh. "Usually the girl is the one who gets stuck or falls down something..."
"By the way!" The creature picked at the webbing above Daen's trapped legs with their clawed fingers, "They're those prime rib and horseradish-flavored deals. I'd offer you some, but I'm afraid those bits are the last of 'em."
"Oh." Jen blinked, drawn to Daen's panicked expression of pure nope-itude with both concern and puzzled amusement. "That's... that's fine."
The man yeeped, the sound echoing many times over in the chamber, as the tarantula's foremost fuzzy legs poked their way under each of his shoulders to brace them. The spider was tugging the strands out with their claws before licking the stickiness off, slowly freeing the monster-hunter. Jen snorted with laughter at him flailing to reined in his hat again as he landed on the outstretched legs with a fluffy whumph.

:3 Hee hee. Enjoy.

^w^ And another place to star Daen Terrick--my unorthodox "monster-hunter" character. He's joined by a new human lady Jen (short for Jennifer, but she hates "Jennifer" XD) Bluett, who practices common sense and safe caving practices. And some sass regarding mysterious potato chip-based monster trails.