Is This Not Easier? by SpiderMilkshake

Is This Not Easier?


11 May 2017 at 15:45:30 MDT

Just as Alexis was contemplating how on Earth to follow Starscream down the fifteen-foot drop huge metal fingers slid around her sides and gripped her torso. She squeaked, grasped at the nearest talon with both hands, and--once lifted up--shot a hasty glare in the direction of the giant's face.
"What?" Starscream shrugged, tilting his head to eye the disgruntled teen, "Is this not easier?"
"W-well, maybe, but," she cast a doubtful look to the keen-edged digits currently wrapped around her. "I'm very worried you're gonna muscle spasm and slice me in half, or something..."
Starscream stepped down the pit's edge, wagging a clawed finger on his free servo as he did so.
"First, I cannot suffer from a muscle spasm. I have no muscles."
"And second, at your size it would take a tremendous force for such a comparatively large edge to actually cut you." He stooped and released her, the topic at hand making him purposefully gentle on the dismount.
"But I bet it'd still hurt." She huffed.
"True," the mech smiled and proudly pricked up his wings, "But I have fantastic motor sensitivity, so such an accident is very unlikely." He finished with an additional wriggle of his talons.
"Uh-huh. Good for you." Before following further she felt her ribs and stomach for any lacerations, just in case. "Just warn me next time you get grabby."

^w^ Some more literal illustrations of the nonvorish fanfic I'm writing. XD Chapter three, the one that isn't done yet... but... there's so much G/t... I must draws it.

^u^ And include a chunk of the revised part of the chapter, for context. Sassy banter between sassy alien robot and sassy teenager.