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Nom-scream Shenanigans 13 [mild emeto warning!] by SpiderMilkshake

Nom-scream Shenanigans 13 [mild emeto warning!]


1 May 2017 at 16:28:19 MDT

.>w<; As in hoomens, alien robos' fuel tanks also have a function for ejecting foreign objects...

Though having Jack no longer stuck in 'Scream's belleh only settles June a little bit--she still feels the need to grill Starscream further on the how and why. She's still suspicious of funny business, and Arcee and her both are veeeeeeery sure this wasn't something Jack was eager to take part in. >u<;

...erm, well, Sturscram should learn to communicate with humans better. XD As Jack's account will make super obvious.

RC: Harmless of not--you're spitting him out. NOW.
SS: Y-yes, obviously!
Jack: squeeshed by robo-tum bits Um.
June: JACK!
SS: Here.
RC: Gee, thanks...
Eck... You're covered in slime...
June: And you're SURE he was okay in there?
SS: Oh, erm--
More than "okay"! We were getting along just fine!
And, well, being organic, he's safe from any of the solvents in there! (And those only effect certain metals and energon...)
Besides--he was quite fine being there--
SS: --What does it matter, they've found us out already...
Tell them, Jack!
Jack: ..? Erm...