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Thorn in the Maw by SpiderMilkshake

Thorn in the Maw


26 April 2017 at 18:45:46 MDT

^w^; Have a pair of quite vorish maw-centric sketches, and the story they tell:

Moray eels have a unique and amazing jaw structure, designed for making them able to hunt fast-moving fishes and be able to swallow even very large catches once the hunt is done. They are lightning quick, with a secret inner jaw that may have inspired Geiger's Alien designs...

But in this case, this moray's greatest strength has come back to bite him. What had looked like a freshly dead mullet fish and a convenient treat turned out to have been rigged with a painful barbed hook, which has now lodged itself in his powerful inner jaw. Having no hands (not even fins!), this one has had to seek out help.

A blenny mermaid was startled to see a huge and normally very dangerous carnivore approach her with jaws wide open. But something was very obviously off--morays rely on stealth and quickness and this was anything but stealthy or fast. The maw was open wide as possible and that was how she spotted the metallic glint. When the toothy mouth--or rather, mouths--hovered over her she clearly saw the hook sticking through the top of the inner jaws. With delicate and deft movements she threaded the thing back through the wound it had left. Despite the barb pricking at him, the moray stayed stock still, afraid to spook his impromptu nurse. Finally the nasty barbed end popped out. Both were pleased to see the puncture was bloodless and already much less painful.

As the moray backed off from his small helper she caught a glimpse of his permanent crooked grin grow a little more crooked. She waved and watched him swim off, feeling far better about the day despite how frightening it had begun. She made sure to bury the nasty barbed end of the hook into some deep limestone cliffs, where it would never cause harm to another living thing.

8D Morays are one of my favorite fishies, and yes they do have cool and scary double-jaws like this. XD And yes, the story and title are both taken a bit from the old fable of the lion with a thorn in the paw, helped by a mouse. XD The moray in this case is much more humble and chill.

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