Affection of Sorts by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Affection of Sorts (critique requested)


15 April 2017 at 18:24:37 MDT

X'D Welp... I am feelsy fandom garbage... which is kind of a pretty normal garbage to be..? I dunno. I wrote more weird Scrimscram minicon noms but went more "feels" than shenanigans. Desire to illustrate the fluffy weirdness ensued even though I am not finished yet! >w<;

Well, here's a minicon guy working for Starscream in the post-Golden Age but-not-to-the-canon-covered-material-yet times, otherwise known as "WOW did our society get terrible all of a sudden" time. <u<; Minicons don't have it well at all. But Tsunderscream certainly doesn't care about rules and conventions, even though he's just a massively salty bot whose, uh, "nice gestures" are a little hard to pick out.

Little guy is unnamed as of yet because... well, no, literally he doesn't have a name yet. XD I know what it will be, but I'ma keep quiet for now.

rolls in a pile of trash