Drawing of a Coward (VENT ART) by SpiderMilkshake

Drawing of a Coward (VENT ART)


10 January 2017 at 22:13:23 MST

Sometimes I think being afraid is a sign that you're still whole, and have yet to be desensitized to things most horrible. Though that will not stop the culture around you from considering healthy fear and discomfort to be a weakness or flaw.

Cowards don't need to change, though. Without fear, there's no comfort. Living without a sense of terror is the fast track to becoming a monster.

^u^; And also, vent art... is a good thing for me. It's probably good for everyone. Much like how writing your thoughts down (even if no one will ever read it, especially if no one is ever supposed to read it) or just talking to someone is good for mental stresses. This is the visual version. (And I'd rather channel bad feelings into making something rather than wallow in said feelings... XD).

So here's a visual representation of someone who is almost always afraid. They are a complete coward.

yuppers dat me, de Spooder