it's okay by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

it's okay (critique requested)


2 November 2016 at 01:23:34 MDT

Really, it is.

;u; I love Blooky. They're a great lil ghost. So much care and attention went into developing the Undertale characters, and so much finesse revealing their special attributes to us. So much like real persons. One of a million reasons Undertale is probably my favorite game ever. Artistically, it is a masterpiece among a sea of half-hearted doodles. ^w^; Eheh... excuse the rant on game artistry. It is my love that makes me ramble! XD

Graphite sketchy-piece of Napstablook. They're crying now but it's better than forcing a smile. Better than making yourself enjoy what hurts your soul. That's a good damn lesson, kids. XD