Cybertronian Anat. 1 (aka Embarrassing 'Scream) by SpiderMilkshake

Cybertronian Anat. 1 (aka Embarrassing 'Scream)


2 November 2016 at 00:41:27 MDT

.>83c Because why not draw out a fun giant robot alien anatomy and physiology lesson with the added "embarrass Starscream" motive.

Here is some headcanon-y Anat. and Phys. lesson. (Do ro-butts have to be Mature Tagged..? XD I would think no since it's basically like a car's tailpipe... but never know with dirty-minded humans in charge...)

Part 1 because I drew some other systems diagrams already. .3.


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    Well, now we know....and sucks to be him now!