Ulrick Reveals What's In His Mouth by SpiderMilkshake (critique requested)

Ulrick Reveals What's In His Mouth (critique requested)


20 April 2016 at 12:30:48 MDT

:>c A lil illustration for a particularly vorish moment in a short story I read muchly as a kid. X3

The book is, believe it or not, The Haunting Hour by R.L. Stine... it's largely a collection of horror that's less dark than usual--meant for kids. Except this fantasy-type story stood out by both being less horror-themed (unless you're severely afraid of being eaten ;~; ) and having the very vorey dragon fella Ulrick. OuO;

Here be the segment I'm illustratin':

The Dragon Master peered out from the doorway. “You are right, Gregory. The dragon comes alone.” He tossed his head back in a cruel laugh. “Ulrick probably had the boy for breakfast!”
“But then why has the dragon come here?” Gregory asked.

“Go see,” Sir Darkwind said. He gave Gregory a hard push out the door. “Go see at once—while I wait in the safety of the house.”

His legs trembling, his heart fluttering in his chest, Gregory obeyed his master. He stepped up to the dragon, took a deep breath, and shouted up to it: “Ulrick—the Dragon Master demands to know: Why have you come?”

Ulrick gazed down at the trembling servant. The dragon’s eyes were cold and blank, like two black rocks. It snorted loudly, a sound that made Gregory quiver all the more.

In the pen beside the house all the other dragons had lined up. They stood very still, watching the newcomer.

Gregory glanced back and saw the Dragon Master waving his hands impatiently.

“Sir Darkwind desires to know why you have come,” the servant repeated, unable to stop his voice from cracking with fear.

With a sudden motion the huge dragon swung down its head and almost bumped Gregory to the ground. Gregory gasped and leaned back.

And then slowly, very slowly, the dragon opened its massive jaws.

*“Oh nooooo,” Gregory moaned. He saw the boy’s head inside the dragon’s mouth. The head, eyes shut, rested on the creature’s fat red tongue. *

ouo; Yas, this moment spooked the hell out of me as a kid, but there is a twist which I won't spoil which made me REALLY like the story. ^u^

XD Though it is kinda funny... in this fantasy setting with lords and dragons and such... this kid's name is "Ned"... and the servant "Gregory". Ned. What a medieval sounding name! >u<

\ouo/ I believe the book containing this story can still be found--and with an ebook version too for the budget readers. XD For those who would like to find out what the twist is.~ >:3c